2023 Posters

Canadian Breast Cancer Symposium Poster Index

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  • Poster 1Jieun Newman-BremangOptimization of breast surgery workflow to achieve increased programmatic efficiency: Transition to wire-free breast lesion localizationView PDF
  • Poster 2Gary KoUtilization of a rapid diagnostic centre during the COVID-19 pandemic reduced diagnostic delays in breast cancerView PDF
  • Poster 3Arash AzinRacial, ethnic and socioeconomic disparities in diagnosis, treatment, and survival of patients with breast cancerView PDF
  • Poster 4Funmilola WuraolaGenetic testing for breast cancer patients in Nigeria: a survey of health care providers.View PDF
  • Poster 5Riordan AzamRepresentation and Reporting of Sociodemographic Variables in BREAST-Q Studies: A Systematic ReviewView PDF
  • Poster 6Gayathri NaganathanThe impact of COVID-19 on breast cancer care: A qualitative analysis of breast surgeons’ perspectivesView PDF
  • Poster 7Wanda MariniThe Role of Caspase-1 in Triple Negative Breast Cancer, the Immune Tumor Microenvironment, and Response to Anti-PD1 ImmunotherapyView PDF
  • Poster 8Wey Liang LeongA Pivotal Phase III Randomized Clinical Trial to Evaluate the Safety and Efficacy of the Fluorescent Imaging Agent PD G 506 A for the Real-time Visualization of Cancer During Standard of Care Breast Conserving Surgery.View PDF
  • Poster 10Patricia NguyenAn examination of depression, anxiety, and fear of recurrence among cancer survivors who participated in a virtual cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)‑based telephone coaching programView PDF
  • Poster 11Teresa TsuiSelecting the items to develop the Breast Utility Instrument to measure health-related quality of life preferences in patients with breast cancerView PDF
  • Poster 12Teresa TsuiDeveloping the Breast Utility Instrument, a preference-based instrument to measure health-related quality of life in women with breast cancer: confirmatory factor analysis of the EORTC QLQ-C30 and BR45 to establish dimensionsView PDF
  • Poster 14Bukun AdegbemboIdentifying the Education, Information and Support Needs of Canadians Diagnosed with Breast Cancer: A Canadian Breast Cancer Network (CBCN) Assessment ProjectView PDF
  • Poster 15Mitchell ElliottCirculating Tumour DNA (ctDNA) Detection and Dynamics in Patients with Early Breast Cancer (EBC): Results of the Neoadjuvant TRACER cohortView PDF
  • Poster 16Nina MorenaAre YouTube videos a reliable information source for young women with metastatic breast cancer?View PDF
  • Poster 17Ananya Gopika NairContemporary Trends in Breast Reconstruction Use and Impact on Survival Among Women with Inflammatory Breast CancerView PDF
  • Poster 18Melissa WoodSurgical decision making in young breast cancer patients: Impact of pre-treatment surgical preference congruence with final surgical treatment on psychosocial healthView PDF
  • Poster 19Shereen AkkilaFunctional decline and resilience in older adults over the age of 70 receiving radiotherapy for breast cancer: A pilot studyView PDF
  • Poster 20Frances WrightA Randomized Control Feasibility Pilot of Prehabilitation During Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy for Women with Breast Cancer: A Mixed Methods StudyView PDF
  • Poster 21Linda MuracaBreast Cancer in Pregnancy: Creating Multidisciplinary Modules for Oncology NursesView PDF
  • Poster 22Elliott YeeImpact of geography on receipt of medical oncology consultation and neoadjuvant chemotherapy for triple negative and HER2 positive breast cancerView PDF
  • Poster 24Heba HusseinSupplemental Breast Cancer Screening in Women with Dense Breasts and Negative Mammography: A Systematic Review and Meta-AnalysisView PDF
  • Poster 25Daniel PalharesA Novel Strategy to Enhance Radiotherapy Efficacy: Results from the Prospective Phase I Clinical Trial of MR-Guided Focused Ultrasound-Stimulated Microbubbles (MRgFUS+MB) treatment for Breast CancerView PDF
  • Poster 26Daniel PalharesLocoregional Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy in Breast Cancer Patients Unsuitable for Surgical ResectionView PDF
  • Poster 27Grey KulingBI-RADS BERT & Using Section Segmentation to Understand Radiology ReportsView PDF
  • Poster 28Muna AlkhaifiThe Association Between Smoking Status and Breast Cancer Recurrence: A Systematic ReviewView PDF
  • Poster 29Simran SandhuRadiologic and pathological concordance: A comparison of patients undergoing risk reduction mastectomy.View PDF
  • Poster 30Simran SandhuSurgical outcomes of ambulatory mastectomy with immediate alloplastic reconstruction for breast cancer or risk reduction.View PDF