Thursday, June 13, 2019

0700 Breakfast and registration
0745 Welcome remarks
Sunil Verma and Jaime Escallon
Chair: Sunil Verma and Jaime Escallon
0800 Key Note Lecture:

Addressing challenges and opportunities as we strive to de-escalate  treatment for breast cancer
Eric Winer

Chairs: Anne Koch and Eileen Rakovitch
0845 De-escalation of radiation for node positive breast cancer
Jennifer Bellon
0915 DCIS
Larry Solin
0945 Break with exhibitors
Chair: Ellen Warner
1000 Multi-gene signatures in breast cancer: current evidence and controversies
Stephen Chia
1015 Guidelines update: AJCC 8th Edition and new ASCO/CAP guidelines on Her 2 Testing
Susan Done
1030 Management of patients with high and moderate risk germline mutations
Andrea Eisen
1045 Chair TBA
Forum: What’s needed next to meet the challenges in breast cancer care?
1045 Clinician perspective:
Eric Winer
1100 Researcher perspective:
John Bartlett
1115 Funding Perspective:
Maureen Trudeau
1130 Patient perspective:
1145 Panel discussion with audience
1200 Lunch with exhibitors
Chair: Maureen Trudeau
1300 Debate: Immuno-therapy in breast cancer is ready for clinical use?

  • Yes: Kasia Jerjazk
  • No: John Hilton
1330 New advances in TNBC Breast Ca
David Cescon
1345 New advances in Her 2 Positive Breast Ca
Sunil Verma
1400 New advances in ER Positive Breast Ca
Christine Brezden-Masley
1415 Panel discussion with audience
1430 Break with exhibitors
1445 Panelists: David Cescon / John Hilton/Karen Gelmon / Christine Brezden-Masley / SunilVerma

Case Discussion Chairs: Nadia Califaretti and Mala Bahl

1515 Tailoring treatment after neoadjuvant chemotherapy
Eitan Amir
Chair: TBA
Neoadjuvant treatment for breast cancer – The new reality
1530 Medical Oncologist Perspective:
Christine Simmons
1540 Surgical Oncologist:
Ralph George
1550 Radiation Oncologist:
Anne Koch
1600 Panel discussion with audience
Chair: Sunil Verma
1615 Keynote Lecture
The Canadian Impact on Breast Cancer Research and Care
Karen Gelmon

Friday June 14, 2019

0615 Registration and Registration
0700 Breakfast Symposium: Tips and Tricks in Oncoplastic Surgery
Tulin Cil & Muriel Brackstone
Chair: Tulin Cil
0800 Robotic assisted nipple and skin sparing mastectomy
Antonio Toesca
Chair: Andrea Eisen
0900 Debate: New Canadian task force guidelines for screening get it right?

  • Yes: Ellen Warner
  • No:  Martin Yaffe
0930 Contemporary management of Phyllodes Lesions
Frances Wright
1000 What to do with high risk lesions?
ADH, Radial Scar, DCIS

  • Surgery Claire Holloway
  • Observation Erin Cordeiro
1030 Break with exhibitors
Chair: Alexandra Easson
1045 Management of recurrence after lumpectomy Is mastectomy always necessary?
Amanda Roberts
1100 The evolving role for MRI and novel imaging techniques in screening and care of breast cancer patients
Allison Grant
1115 Resent advances in localization techniques: wire, mag seeds, radioactive seeds
Nicole Look-Hong
1130 Strategies to achieve negative margins
Wey Leong
1145 Is Chronic Pain after Breast Surgery a real problem?
David Flamer
1200 Lunch Surgical Oncology and Breast Fellows meet with Antonio Toesca
Chair: Jaime Escallon
1300 Novel surgical management of lymphedema
Syba Haykal
1330 Therapeutic opportunities in macrophage-induced breast cancer progression
Michael Reedjik
Afternoon Streams

Amanda Roberts


Melinda Wu


Shawna Rich-Ginsberg

Research Symposium

Information coming soon

Primary Care Workshop

1400 Welcome and Introduction
Melinda Wu
1405 Breast pain
Azadeh Nikoo Rajaee
1435 Genetics 101
Nicole Gojksa, Genetic Counsellor
1505 Breast density
Supriya Kulkarni
1535 Panel discussion with audience
1600 Breast cancer screening
Ellen Warner
1630 Survivorship care
Carol Townsley
1645 Panel discussion with audience
1655 Wrap up
Melinda Wu

Patient Program: Rethink

Shawna Rich-Ginsberg
Detailed Agenda TBA

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Advanced Oncoplastic Partnership Workshop
Westin Harbour Castle Toronto, Ontario
(additional registration required, space limited)

Agenda details: