2017 Agenda

Program is based on a minimum of 25% of time allowed for questions and answers.
Presentations will be designed to incorporate case discussion.

Thursday June 22 2017

0700 Registration and Breakfast
0730 Welcome
Drs. Sunil Verma and Jaime Escallon
0800 Keynote Lecture:
Progress in Targeting Hormone Receptor-Positive Metastatic Breast Cancer
Dr. Gabriel Hortobagyi

Session I: Radiology/Genetics/Screening

Moderators: Drs. Wedad Hanna and Ellen Warner

0900 If Breast Cancers Are Rare Diseases – How Will We Treat Them?”
Dr. John Bartlett
0920 BRCA Testing – Beyond Risk to Treatment Implications
Dr. Andrea Eisen
0940 Canadian BRCA Study Results
Dr. Jordan Lerner-Ellis
1000 Panel Discussion
1015 BREAK

Session II: Radiation Oncology
Local and Regional Treatment of Breast Cancer

Moderators: Drs. Anthony Fyles and Eileen Rakovitch

1030 Intraoperative Radiotherapy; North American Experience
Dr. Stephanie Valente
1100 Regional radiotherapy: new evidence and new questions?
Dr. Tim Whelan
1130 Radiating the Axilla after Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy
Dr. Anne Koch
1200 Panel Discussion
1230 LUNCH

Session III: Systemic Therapy

Moderators: Drs. Sunil Verma and Maureen Trudeau

1315 Patient Priority Research Opportunities
Dr. Nancy Nixon
1330 Neoadjuvant Treatment – Role of Pathology in Decision Making Process
Dr. Veerle Bossuyt
1350 Molecular Assays in Early Stage Breast Cancer – Current Standard and Future Direction
Dr. Stephen Chia
1410 Debate: Patients with Hormone Receptor Positive Early Breast Cancer Should Receive 10 years of Endocrine Therapy
Yes: Dr. Christine Brezden
No: Dr. Eitan Amir
1430 Debate: Patients with Residual Disease Post Neaodjuvant Therapy for TNBC Should be Offered Capecitabine
Yes: Dr. Nadia Calliferetti
No: Dr. John Hilton
1450 BREAK
1505 Genomics in Breast Cancer: Is it Ready for Primetime?
Dr. Philippe Bedard
1525 Evolving Pathology of Triple Negative Breast Cancer and Treatment Implication
Dr. Karen Gelmon
1545 Hormone Receptor Positive Breast Cancer: CDK4- Should it be Considered the Standard of Care
Dr. Susan Dent
1615 Her2 Positive Breast Cancer: Current Standard and the road ahead
Dr. Sunil Verma
1640 Stand up to Cancer/Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation Dream Team Grant
Dr. Dave Cescon
1700 Discussion

Day 2 Friday June 23 2017

Session IV: Surgery

Moderator: Dr. Tulin Cil

0800 Enhanced Recovery After Surgery
Dr. Claire Temple-Oberle
0840 Breast Cancer in Younger Women
Dr. May Lynn Quan
0900 Contralateral Prophylactic Mastectomy
Dr. Frances Wright
0920 Non Inferiority Trials in Breast Cancer
Dr. David McCready
0940 BREAK
1000 Radiation and Reconstruction in Breast Cancer
Dr. Anne O’Neill
1020 Current Trends in Oncoplastic Surgery
Dr. Julie Reiland
1040 Are We Always Doing Sentinel Node Biopsy?
Dr. Jean-François Boileau

Neoadjuvant Treatment Panel Discussions:

Moderators: Drs. Tulin Cil and Martin Chang

  • Medical Oncology
    Dr. David Cescon
  • Radiation Oncology
    Dr. Kathy Han
  • Radiology
    Dr. Supriya Kulkarni
  • Surgeon
    Dr. Jean-François Boileau
  • Pathology
    Dr. Veerle Bossuyt
1230 LUNCH
1330 Canadian Breast Cancer Surgery Research Forum
Details to follow
Moderators: Drs. David McCready and Amanda Roberts