2015 Program

Thursday, June 18, 2015

0700 Registration and Breakfast
0750 Welcome
Drs. Jaime Escallon and Sunil Verma
Conference Co-Chairs
0800 Keynote Address
Targeting Breast Cancer: Applying the Lessons of the Past for the New Generation of Drugs
Dr. Dennis Slamon
Session 1: Radiology/Genetics/Screening
Coordinators: Drs. Derek Muradali and Ellen Warner
0900 Beyond BRCA
Dr. Jordan Lerner-Ellis
0920 The OBSP high risk screening program: Results of the first years
Dr. Derek Muradali
0940 New Breast Screening Techniques
Dr. Martin Yaffe
1000 Appropriate and inappropriate use of breast imaging
Dr. Pavel Crystal
1020 Discussion
1040 Break
Session 2: Radiation Oncology Local and Regional Treatment of Breast Cancer
Coordinators: Drs. Eileen Rakovitch and Anthony Fyles, Anne Koch
1100 Current perspective of Regional Radiation in breast cancer
Dr. Philip Poortmans
1120 Optimizing the management of regional nodes; surgical perspective
Dr. May Lynn Quan
1140 Oncotype DCIS validation study
Dr. Eileen Rakovitch
1200 Panel Discussion
1215 Lunch
Session 3: Systemic Therapy
Coordinator: Drs. Daniel Rayson and Maureen Trudeau
1300 Personalizing Adjuvant Chemotherapy in Breast Cancer: Are we there yet?
Dr. Anil Abraham Joy
1330 Platinums should be considered as Standard of Care for BRCA positive patients undergoing adjuvant (neoadjuvant) chemotherapy
Yes – Dr. Andrea Eisen
No – Dr. Nadia Califaretti
1400 Bisphosphonates in the Adjuvant Setting: Should they be Standard of Care?
Yes – Dr. Kathleen Pritchard
No – Dr. Sonal Gandhi
1430 Break
1445 Key Advances in Her2 positive Breast Cancer
Dr. Sunil Verma
1500 Are we ready to establish a new standard of care for premenopausal patient undergoing anti-estrogen Treatment
Dr. Hope Rugo
1520 Triple Negative Breast Cancer: Moving forward from Biology to Treatment
Dr. Karen Gelmon
1540 Panel Discussion
1600 Biomarkers and Genomics in Breast Cancer: Are we ready to embrace personalized therapy in Breast Cancer?
Dr. Philippe Bedard
1620 Understanding and overcoming resistance to anti-estrogen treatment
Dr. Stephen Chia

Friday, June 19, 2015

0700 Registration and Breakfast
Session 4: Surgery
Coordinators: Drs. Jaime Escallon and Wey Leong
0800 The evolution of Pre-op Breast MRI
Dr. David McCready
0830 Are we over treating DCIS
Dr. Steven Latosinsky
0900 Bilateral Mastectomy often requested by patient; what should be our advice?
Dr. Tulin Cil
0930 Predicting Cancer Behaviour
Pathology point of view – Dr Martin Chang
Surgeon point of view – Dr. Michael Reedijk
1030 Break
1045 Selection criteria for Neoadjuvant therapy
Dr. David Cescon
1115 Pre-operative and Intra-operative Decision Making in the Neoadjuvant setting
Dr. Jean-François Boileau
1145 Sentinel Node Biopsy in the Neoadjuvant setting
Yes – Dr. Jean-François Boileau
No – Dr. Ralph George
1215 Panel Discussion
1230 Lunch
Session 5: Surgery Oncoplastic Principles
Coordinators: Drs. Jaime Escallon and Adena Scheer
1330 Principles of Oncoplastic Surgery
Dr. Angel Arnaout
1400 How to get started/OPS tool box
Dr. Renee Hanrahan
1430 Questions

1445 Oncoplastic Surgery Level I
Dr. Adena Scheer
1515 Oncoplastic Surgery Level II
Dr. Renee Hanrahan
1545 Case Presentations
1615 Questions
1630 Evaluation and Adjournment