The Cancer Dancer

Cancer Dancer

Patricia San Pedro: My story with Breast Cancer

Cancer Dancer is a Suncoast EMMY Award winning film for Topical Documentary, one of the most prestigious awards for TV documentaries.

Patricia San Pedro shares her story, recording her own step-by-step journey through breast cancer. Director Jaime Escallon-Buraglia, created this powerful first hand documentary with interviews with Patricia and her close family members and friends.

The film explores a number of very relevant topics in the struggle to fight breast cancer. One of which is the powerful significance of building a supportive community around yourself as you face such a challenging and difficult experience. Patricia also filmed multiple strategies, which she developed, to help her cope with the many challenging moments she experienced. By sharing the intimate details of her experience she hopes to help others positively face their battle with this difficult disease.

The documentary will screen with Patricia and the director present. She will be there to reflect her motivation to create the film and her subsequent work with others, “helping them on their own healing journey.”

After the screening of the documentary, Patricia and an expert panel including oncologists and patient advocates will take questions from the audience.

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June 20, 2013
5:30 – 6:45pm

Cost: Free
Space is limited and
requires pre-registration.

Metro Toronto Convention Centre
North Building,
100 Level, Room 104
255 Front Street West
Toronto ON

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Dr. Jaime Escallon, co-chair, invites you to the screening of The Cancer Dancer